Why move?

The software running NIMHmuck currently is very old and no longer maintained. Rather than try to continue keeping it running, we're moving to something that is much better supported and more likely to be used by the average person.

Why Discord? Isn't that just a chat service?

Discord is closer to IRC than a normal chat service, and we can define various channels to keep things organised. That said, it does NOT have all the features of a MUCK or other MU* game. Instead of spending a bunch of effort moving to a more modern MU* server, we'd rather regroup and gauge interest on Discord, which requires very little initial setup cost in comparison to a full blown MU*.

But my character descs! My buildings! What will become of them?

I still have the NIMHmuck database backed up. If you need a copy of any desc/info, let me know and I can try to get you a copy.

Hope to see you there!